→ Test_06. Cause the Voltage to Drop during an Opening
Site-specific intervention
Biblioteca Central de Terrassa, Barcelona, ES
Ensayo_06. Provocar bajadas de tensión a lo largo de un acto inaugural
Tampering with the lighting system in an exhibition room in order to trigger a gradual voltage drop during a public presentation on 7 November 2008.
The launch of the Interferèncias'08 exhibition series and the «Interferències'06» publication takes place in the function room at Biblioteca Central de Terrassa. The new edition is presented after an earlier failed version that was never made public. The intervention draws attention to the unstable nature of the framework that supports the series and its development, reception and visibility.

Visitors are not informed of the intervention. A few days later, the people who attended the event are sent an image of one of the moments when visibility was at its lowest and a brief description of the action.
Ensayo_06 (postal)

→ Test_06 (postcard)
Digital print on paper
11 x 15 cm (500 u.)

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This project was carried out in the framework of the «Interferències'08» exhibition series curated by Amanda Cuesta in Terrassa, Barcelona.