→ Leave the classroom
Educational proposal
Doctor Puigvert high school, Barcelona, ES

Developing a collective process to be alone in the school for one day.

The Doctor Puigvert high school is located in a neighborhood on the edge of Barcelona, surrounded by the river and some of the city's major access roads. During a course we work with a group of students, newcomers to the high school. We explore the surroundings of the school. In these environments we plan to do some actions.

But at the end of the course the group decides to change the planed actions and propose a new one to the rest of the students of the high school: being alone in the school for a day without teachers. A documentary shows how the group carries out the idea of being alone in the school, asks all the other students their opinions and negotiates with the management, teaching staff and families to put the action in realization.

See online diary → blog EN RESiDÈNCIA (CAT)

→ Un dia sense profes (A day without teachers)
Digital video (colour and audio CAT, CAST)
46:43 min (single channel)

Ver video (english subtitles) → Vimeo

This project was done in collaboration with the students Mario Andreu, Ivan Arman, Sheila Badías, Iván Batalla, Kristina Benkovskaya, Júlia Castells, Gemma Hernández, Eva López, Luna Magán, Lluna Marquès, Nel Martínez, Àlex Miquel, Mar Pavia, Meritxell Rigola, Ivet Surià, Roberlin Trinidad, Abril Yus and teacher Mercè Gaja, in the framework of Creadors EN RESiDÈNCiA als instituts de Barcelona, a programm of Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona, conceived in cooperation with Associació A Bao A Qu.