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Site-specific Intervention
Plaça Nova – Architects' Association of Catalonia (COAC), Barcelona, ES

In collaboration with MAIO architectural office.

Covering the drain grates in the lowest part of the square.

The COAC building is located in downtown Barcelona, on one side of a bustling square in front of the cathedral. The glass walls of the exhibition room in the building's attic look out over the square. Topographically, the square is made up of two gently sloping planes that intersect along a 25 metre-long straight line. On this line, which is the lowest part of the square, there are two drain grates.

The project aims to create a connection between the exhibition space in the attic of the COAC building and the square, highlighting the attic's position as a lookout, through an intervention that temporarily modifies the appearance of the square. By blocking the drainage function – of stormwater and water used by the city cleaning service – water may end up building up in the space, in the event of rain. The intervention draws attention to the design and construction of urban public space and its derived uses, and opens up the opportunity to imagine and generate another possible landscape: a small temporary lake, in the city centre.

Six pieces made out of the same granite as the square are produced and placed over the grates. A repository of granite pieces and a map are displayed in the exhibition. space The map is a topographic representation of the COAC site and the area surrounding the square, specifying elevations and contour curves. The location of the granite pieces in the square is marked on the map, as is the potential flooding area, a surface area not greater than 30 m2 between the elevations of +10.03 y +10.15. The map is positioned to coincide with the actual space outside, aligned parallel to the walls of the exhibition, inviting visitors to observe the square and compare it to its graphic representation.

This project was produced in collaboration with MAIO architectural office as part of the series “Absolutely mode(rr)n. An overview of new local architecture” curated by Moisés Puente at the Architects' Association of Catalonia (COAC) in Barcelona.