Abrogate the rules of use relating to silence
Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea Library, Donostia-San Sebastián, ES

Temporary and alternatively canceling the rule of keeping silence inside the library for two weeks.

This work is done within the “Listening Observatory”, a programme of five sound interventions that specifically relate to the place in which they are installed. The invitation of “Listening Observatory” is to make an intervention for the context of the library in relation to silence. In response to that, this proposal is not about adding sounds for the library space, but rather working with the rules that attempt to enforce silence. The proposal has been agreed to, based on a dialogue with the management and staff of the institution. This process has led to a number of decisions about the space to intervene, its temporality, communication and mediation. These decisions are embodied in different elements: a line on the floor in all the levels of the library, to mark the border between the two halves of the symmetrical building, with the intention of differentiating between the area where the rules have been abolished and where they have not; a new informative notice placed next to this line, in order to anounce the abrogation and its temporality in each area of the building; and on the notices in the library where you are asked to be silent, a new graphic element has been added to indicate that this request is no longer valid (after the first week in the right area, these same elements are moved and placed on the signs in the left area of the building).


Informative brochure
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This proposal was part of the Listening Observatory, a programme curated by José Luis Espejo and Mikel R. Nieto, within the framework of DSS2016, and it was also part of the Critical Listening seminar supported by Eremuak with the collaboration of Azkuna Zentroa.