Walk a highway
Tomteboda, Solna - Stockholm, SWE

Connecting two dead ends by walking along a highway.

Tomteboda postterminal is one of the biggest buildings in Sweden, the former mail terminal built in the beginning of the 80s. It is located in Solna, a municipality in northern Stockholm with a dense, feature-mixed and well-knit area with barriers in the form of railways, local roads and heavily-trafficked highways, which complicate the connection to Stockholm, specially by walk. In front of Tomteboda there’s a dead end road, a piece of an empty motorway, built in the 70s but never used as it had originally been planned. In spring 2017 Tomteboda was the framework for a group exhibition with urban planners, architects and artists.

The action consisted in reusing that dead end road as an alternative route to access the building where the exhibition was placed. Over two months this everyday action was repeated as an open invitation to the group. It consisted in walking from the city to Tomteboda through the quickest way, from one little dead end path to the dead end road, along the E4/20 highway. It was a method for understanding how movements are conditioned in a city. By insisting on “walking wrong” and by locating the body in the “wrong” place, the vulnerability of the human body in relation to speed and scale was made visible, and the precious and precarious web of relationships between humans and places was also revealed.

In the exhibition a video documentation of the first walk on March 22th is shown next to a photocopy from a page of Tomteboda post magazine from 1982. That page, with the title "Excuse me, how do I get to Tomteboda?", informed the workers of the different ways to access de building, by public and private transport or by foot. Then, the now two dead end roads, used to form a walking path. Besides, in the publication of the exhibition, a text narrates the story about how the project came into being and what it brought out. These elements address the visitors by asking again how they arrived to Tomteboda, while informing of a possible alternative route.


Video documentation
mp4 movile phone video (colour and audio)
10:36 min

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Tomteboda Posten, No.4, 1983, Page 92
Photocopy on paper
36 x 27 cm

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How did you get here?
–We were walking wrong
Pages 24-29
Published in the group publication
To surface, Critical Habitats, 2017

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Group exhibition view

This project was carried out in the framework of the program «Critical Habitats» and its group exhibition «To Surface» at Tomteboda postterminal, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.