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Museo Picasso - Colección Eugenio Arias, Centro de interpretación de Nuevo Baztán, Casa Museo Lope de Vega, Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes, Madrid, ES

Reduce the opening hours of three museums for one month.

Starting from the general framework - an exhibition that takes place in four museums of the same institution - the intention is to generate a new time relationship between them, accentuating the temporality and simultaneity intrinsic to the exhibition.

The specificity of each one is analyzed in relation to its access regulations and opening hours. The similarities and differences between the spaces reflect a predominant dynamic of the use of the space, with continuous schedules and alternating shifts, and a correlation between the volume of visitors and their geographical location.

The smaller and more particular museum is taken as a model, the one with a shorter opening hours and the more distant from the center of Madrid, the Museo Picasso - Colección Eugenio Arias of Buitrago del Lozoya. Inverting the typical valorization of expansion, other museums are proposed to reduce as much as possible their opening hours for a specific lapse of time.

After a negotiation process with the institution, a minimum reduction of the public opening time of the three museums is agreed upon. As a result, the Centro de interpretación of Nuevo Baztán, the Casa Museo Lope de Vega and the Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes reduce its weekly opening hours by 0.4%, 2 minutes each day, delaying one minute the opening time and advancing a minute the closing time.

The modification of the opening hours is made visible in the information panels at the entrance of the museums, in its websites and in the information leaflets, in which an edition is annexed to inform of the new schedules. In the edition the museums are represented by their logos, where the sizes correspond to the amount of opening hours per year and their placement on the page to their geographical location.

At the beginning of the intervention, a postal mail is sent from the postal office of Buitrago del Lozoya, with the edition and the four leaflets of the museums, ordered from smaller to larger.


Offset print
22,5 x 14,5 cm
Designed by Oficina de disseny

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This proposal was part of No siempre que estuvimos / estuvimos, curated by Beatriz Alonso within the program Mutaciones. Intervenciones artísticas en Museos, Comunidad de Madrid.